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The NEW AMSEC PS1210HD high-end pistol safe will protect your handgun and give you the quick access you require without sacrificing any form of security. Made from 10 gauge solid steel and featuring a tamper-resistant lock, this handgun safe is a must-have for any pistol owner. It will secure your pistol in a foam surrounded cavity that prevents it from sliding around and getting scratched. The steel alone is enough to keep most unwanted hands out. The lock is designed in such a way that only you will be able to access it. Since the door is heavier than most pistol safe doors, AMSEC has come up with a solution to help you gain that quick access you desire. The piston assisted door will open in a flash and is easy to close.

Much like AMSEC's other products, the PS1210HD pistol safe is made with the same attention to detail. Heavy-duty steel and materials that they have spared no expense on make up the quality and durability of this pistol safe. As a firearms owner, it is your responsibility to keep your firearm out of harm's way. This safe is the perfect solution for that issue and it will give you long-lasting protection and peace of mind.



  • High Strength 10 gauge solid steel body.
  • Massive 3/16" gas piston assisted door with two solid steel dead bars.
  • Welded and concealed continuous hinge.
  • Reliable fast access Simplex push-button mechanical locking device.
  • Strong, pry-resistant locking bolt.
  • Locking mechanism protected by a steel housing, impervious to punch attacks.
  • Charcoal gray textured finish with chrome hardware.
  • Heavy-duty chrome carrying handle.
  • Protective high-density pluck foam-lined interior.
  • Four pre-drilled bolt down holes.
  • Packaged for UPS/Fed-X shipments.
  • Made in the USA.

AMSEC PS1210HD Handgun & Pistol Safe

SKU: 36523641234523
    • Outside: 4.25" H X 12.50" W X 10.25" D
    • Inside: 3.00" H x 10.50" W x 9.00" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 0.16
    • Weight: 24.00
    • Burglar Rating: CDOJ
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