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Behind the Counter

ARIEL SAFE LOCK N VAULT we get up in the morning and go from job to job not only because we are passionate about what we do, but also to solve one of the biggest problems in the locksmith industry — the lack of professional Safe & Vault services in South florida. Our team is made of certified technicians passionately seeking to provide the highest grade Safe & Vault services. When you get locked out of your safe, we will open it, making sure you can keep on using it after. If you need a simple combination change, mechanical or digital — it is a simple process. We have earned its positive reputation in the safety and security services delivered in south florida. We understand the concerns many of our clients express when dealing with their safes. We provide the highest standard of locksmith assistance but have expanded our services to security measures, including access control, biometric technology, door installation, and the repair and install of safes. Our integrated approach allows us to tend to various safety requirements and assure our customers of valuable results.


  • Our mission is to continue to deliver reputable, valuable and high-quality services for residential & commercial in South Florida.

  • In the case of an emergency, we strive to be at your doorstep in a heartbeat.

  • Our goal is to continue and stay up to date with the newest security solutions out there.

  • Even though we see ourselves as topnotch in our industry, every staff  member continues to learn about quick and effective locksmith and safe solutions

  • ARIEL SAFE LOCK N VAULT invests in the needs of our clients including combination changes, safe installations, lockouts, troubleshooting, lock repair, and installations.

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