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ARIEL SAFE LOCK N VAULT is a trusted and expert Safe locksmith specialist in south florida. We deliver exceptional services aimed at enhancing your security while leaving an aesthetic and neat appeal in every job undertaking. We align with industry leaders providing our customers with quality guarantees and the best products. Fully qualified technicians are experienced and skilled in addressing security requirements because they are professionally trained. We offer the following assistance for residential and commercial purposes:

Servicing south florida, trust our Safe & Vault solutions because we are not generic locksmith techs, but Safe specialists

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 Ariel Safe Lock N Vault     Service

24/7 Hour Lockout Service Near Me

Opening a safe or vault door without inflicting damage is a daunting task that demands expertise; however, our lockout specialists have customized techniques and modified tools to open your safe or vault without any damage; as a result, you will be able to keep on using your safe as usual!

Entrust all your emergency lockouts to ARIEL SAFE LOCK N VAULT because you will get the best value for your money in south florida. Old or new, mechanical or digital, residential or commercial — since ARIEL SAFE LOCK N VAULT open any Safe or Vault!

Premium Lock Upgrades

Our technician will get your home or business safe and vault up to date with the modernized solutions befitting high-security standards. south florida is a renown technological hub, so when it comes to matters on upgrades, your business or home is located to the latest trends in the industry.

When you call ARIEL SAFE LOCK N VAULT for lock upgrades, you get a technician to work on your safe or vault immediately!

Combination Change

No matter the size of your valuables, Our company understands that what is important to you or your business needs to be stored with controlled access. For instance, We perform time-bound combination change services, giving you absolute control of all safe and vault mode

Safe & Vault Repair

We understand the urgency in having a functional, safe, or vault to secure your valuables. As such, we available our 24-hour locksmith services to ensure that a repair job is done to the best standards possible.

Dial not working smooth anymore? Is the handle a little too loose? Is the digital keypad making weird sounds? Get in touch with us today to talk to a qualified locksmith near you. Above all, don’t wait until it is too late

ls commonly used in SOUTH FLORIDA.

Contact US today to find the right solution for you, in other words, to get your peace of mind when it comes to your safe or vault.

Safe Lock Maintenance

We do it all! From upgrading the locking system to performing a rigorous diagnosis to ensure that all safe and vault components are in optimal condition. In other words, don’t get caught unawares by safe and vault malfunctions or outdated security systems.

Book an appointment with a qualified locksmith today to create a cost-effective maintenance schedule; certainly, you don’t want to be locked out because of neglection.

Safe Installation

Configuring a vault in a commercial set up or setting up a safe on the wall or floor is a job for a well-seasoned locksmith. At our company, we are specialists at safe and vault installation with extensive experience adding value to commercial and residential entities in south florida.

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Ways of Safe Opening During Emergency Lockout

A good safe technician can open your safe without damaging it. There are many methods we use. Here are a few:

Combination Manipulation

like you see in the movies, the technician connects an AMP with earphones to the safe. Slowly but surely we are able to hear the mechanical lock movement. Manipulation does not work on every safe, but on some it is the preferred method.


We drill a small hole in the safe, and with a high-end scope are able to see the wheel movement. Once the safe is opened, we repair the hole with toughened carbide. The right carbide makes the hole then drill-proof—more secure than it was before.

Electrical Current

If you have a digital lock, it might be able to be opened by low voltage current. During this method, we penetrate the lock case and trigger the motherboard. Once the electricity hits the right place, the latch comes open.

There are many other options, it depends on the safe and lock. Once we arrive at the location we will analyze the situation. Then, recommend the best course of action.

The Wrong Way

You know you have a professional safe locksmith when your safe is in good condition when he leaves. Over the years, we have seen customers and other professionals from other industries try opening it the wrong way. Here are some of the worst:

– Hitting it with a sledgehammer: that can trigger the bolts and relocking mechanism
– Hitting the handle: well, if you have broken handle then even when the safe lock is off you won’t be able to open it
– Grinding: well, there goes your beautiful $1,000 safe to the trash
– Trying to cut off the hinges — really?

There are other foolish methods we saw. Whether you choose us or not — don’t be a victim to fraud.

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Ariel Safe Lock N Vault was great! I called them because I needed a new lock mechanism on my safe, and they came out right away. They were super friendly, and they took care of everything for me—I didn't have to lift a finger at all! The technician even showed me how to open and close the door of my safe, which was super helpful because I hadn't done it in years. They were so nice and made sure that I was happy with the way everything turned out. They were also very professional, which is always appreciated!

They are a great company! I had another company come out and upgrade my safe lock, and it turned out to be a terrible experience. Ariel was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were able to fix my safe lock with no problem and also install new security features that will help protect me from future break-ins. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an upgrade to their security system!

Great experience with Ariel Safe Lock and Vault, and I'd highly recommend them! They were able to upgrade my safe lock mechanism and install a new safe in my home. Their service was incredible, and they were able to give me an accurate quote before they began work. The work was done quickly and efficiently, which is important with a busy schedule. I felt very comfortable asking questions during the process, and they were able to answer all of them! Also, they came to my house instead of just sending someone out to look at it from afar like most companies do. This made me feel more comfortable knowing that there would be no outside pressure on them or their employees if something went wrong during installation.

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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

5965 stirling Rd, Davie, FL 33314 USA

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